What is the purpose of our existence?
What is the purpose of our existence? Where do we come from, why are we here and where are we going?

Dave Hunt deals with this puzzling question that every person must answer honestly for him or herself. He systematically sifts through all the so-called answers that mankind has come up with.

We are more than just physical beings. We have a human spirit and are able to make rational and moral choices. Furthermore we have a conscience and can reason about what is right and wrong. Dave Hunt uses solid evidence to prove that Science, Evolution and Psychiatry have no real answers in this regard.

He furthermore looks at the three largest religions (Catholicism, Hinduism and Islam) who prove themselves to be equally hopeless in providing any certainty. We are provided with evidence as to why we can believe the Bible and the God of the Bible. Watching this DVD will enable one to test the claim of Jesus to be God and to come to grips with who He really is.

We cannot take a chance with eternity - we must be absolutely certain. Absolutely certain? Of course, because nothing less will do. Regardless of one's religious belief or lack of it, death puts its terminating stamp upon every earthly passion, position, possession and ambition. Only a fool would step out into eternity trusting his own or another's invented hopes. This two hour presentation by Dave Hunt is highly recommended for evangelization - an ideal gift!

Duration: 1 hour 54 minutes

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August 16, 2017
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